Twitter Trick #7143 – Custom Background

The Seated Buddha in Sri Lanka Ponders the Meaning of Twit

The Seated Buddha in Sri Lanka Ponders the Meaning of Twit

TIP #7143?

First, just kidding about the number. It’s not really #7143. It’s really the first one I’m posting.

But *everyone* posts seven tips for this and that, right?

So I’ll just *begin* with number 7143. Somebody else can start with number one. The CopyDragon is generous that way. With my approach, I’ll never step on anyone’s toes, right?


One trick to make a good looking twitter custom page is that different people’s browser widths vary. And if their browser is much wider or much narrower than when you design it, you discover a lot of empty space either side of your main panel. OR, worse, the main twitter panel always covers part of your underlying graphic.

One solution is to make sure the graphic’s left margin works OK when it’s very narrow. That’s what I’ve done on my own twitter profile by placing the name and ‘nickname’ arranged vertically on the far left.

Stretch browser width wide. Holds up pretty good.

Squeeze browser width narrow. Holds up pretty good.

As the Vulcan says … Go forth and Twitster.

copydragon ... moving right along!

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