The Key to Online/Offline Success

As a commercial writer, online and offline, I’ve had pretty good success assisting my clients to generate successful and fulfilling solutions to their “business” problems.

And one part of my formula is that, generally speaking, I don’t permit the client to hire me just to leap into doing what he has in mind. That is, I don’t want the client to stampede us into leaping into (unconsidered) action.

Your LIFE is the Important Thing

Because the very first step, with pretty much every client, is an interview to determine what is the LIFE that the client wants to have.

And only after getting a good picture of the LIFE he/she wants, do we then focus on the BUSINESS in the fullness of time which creates exactly that life.

And only when we have a clear picture of that BUSINESS in the fullness of time, do we map out the strategic OBJECTIVES needed to be obtained between now and then, and only then can we consider the current project …

How does it fit to move closer to the OBJECTIVES, to create the BUSINESS, that yields up the LIFE that the client wants to have?

In this way, we avoid creating a business that interferes with the life the client wishes to have, and we can have clarity about what to do first.

You Can Only Do ONE Thing FIRST

Using this approach, as we move forward with business-systems creation, and creating the materials that advance the business, the client is in touch with his/her dream and inspiration.

And that’s where the juice comes from.

Always and only.


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