The Illusion of ‘Writers Block’

Some people think they have nothing to say. Some people believe they cannot express themselves.

These are illusions.

Your “Helpful” Friend, the Unconscious Mind

These illusions, these thoughts, are caused by the unconscious mind’s automatic learning. It learns something, usually in childhood, and quite often these “solutions” are brilliant, given the resources you have at the time. Unfortunately, like how to tie your shoes, these solutions are re-generated automatically below consciousness ever after, and sometimes they fit, but oft-times these solutions suck!

These beliefs, emotions, thoughts, and automatic reactions are a part of you, operating below consciousness, but they are illusions. (In which we are sometimes as trapped, and blind, as fish are to the water.)

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How to Make Writing Flow Easily

Let’s talk about how to make writing, and self-expression … easy.

I learned this from a woman named Brandt, in a book she wrote about creative writing, 40 years ago. It’s still true. Here’s what you do …

In the morning, when you arise, go immediately to a typewriter or a computer where you can type things, and start typing.

Type any garbage that comes into your head.

Describe your dream if you wish. Type out the ideas flitting through your head. If you are thinking “I cannot express myself,” then type that.

Keep typing.

It will be a lot of hooey … but you’ll notice some good ideas in there. Keep typing for 20-30 minutes, every morning.

Do this for a couple of weeks, and your beliefs and considerations that you have nothing to say or that you cannot express yourself … will have vanished.

Why Does it Work?

It works for the same reason that you can dream. In your dream you automatically create scenes, words, ideas, pictures, and on and on and on. This is an inherent skill of a human being.

And when you first awake, your “censors” are not fully functional. That’s why you must go *IMMEDIATELY* to the keyboard. And start.

By starting while still sleepy, and while your usual blocking claptrap isn’t fully booted up, you can of course effortlessly spew your trains of thought. They are huge freight trains, and they’re running at high speed, all the time.

Perhaps you’ve got out of the habit of allowing your trains to run down the track toward the horizon. Your unconscious mind is programmable; that’s how it got programmed to block you, and it can be programmed differently, with this exercise.

This simple practice throws the switches on this particular railroad, and your freight trains start building speed, moving on down the line.

Hear the clacking of the rails?

Hear the whistle soaring into the air?

It’s easy. Prove it for yourself.

You’re the engineer.



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