Podcast and Radio Interviews

Blog Talk Radio Interviews

Blog Talk Radio is a highly-respected online radio station with a vast wealth of programming running round the clock, and has the advantage that your interview or program is afterward available “on demand.” To hear an interview, click on the triangular ‘play’ button:

Podcast Interviews and Music Broadcasting

A podcast is an rss feed which contains programming materials, such as interviews, songs, or other audio. A podcast allows you to provide both some textual information, and an audio link. For an example, click on the orange RSS symbol to open the sample podcast. It will open in a new window.


Private Interviews

CopyDragon can also provide privately-hosted interviews, with a variety of easy-to-operate players. Here’s an example, an interview with two-handed touchstyle musician Darrell Havard. Click on the triangular ‘play’ button to listen to the interview.