Brochures and Business Writing

(sample brochures, newsletters, direct mail, postcards, telephone sales scripts, voicemail audiotext, yellow-page ads, trade documents, employee manuals, business letters, billing inserts, posters, print articles)

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Books and Reports

Opening the Doorway to Feeling Good (report)

The Sweetheart Report (book)

The Scandal of EFT (report)

Tantra Yoga: Secret Pathway to Bliss (report)

-weightloss report (updating)-


Action800 VoiceMail brochure (1993)

Action800 VoiceMail pricelist (1993)

Business Reports

How to Create a Business You’ll Love (1991)

Smart Advertising (How Advertising Works)

Power Tips of the Radio Pros (1991)

Profitable Phone Persuasion (telephone scripting)

Twelve Ways to Use Voicemail for Profits (1991)


MegaTapper Newsletter (musical instruments)

-Network Answering Service Newsletters (updating)-

-MultiString Shopper Newsletters (updating)-

Press Releases

Sample Press Releases: (online, click here to view)

(Page of online Press Releases opens in new tab)

Trade Documents & Manuals

Easy Touch-Style Bassics (music book)

Shooting Fish in a Barrel – Unfair Secrets of Closing the Sale

Trade Show Selling (training manual)

Turbocharge Your Sales Presentation (sales training)

User’s Guides

Mobius Megatar (guitar) Owner’s Guide

Action800 (voicemail) User’s Guide


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