Nine FREE Ways to Get New Customers

In little town here in the mountains where I live (Mount Shasta California), there was this great little shop which gave classes and catered to people doing beading.

It was a great place. The owner was a local man, and he really knew all about beading and making lovely things. And he enjoyed teaching people, and it was fun. And you know what?

After some months, and a valiant struggle, the owner closed the doors.

It was a bummer, but not a feeling that was so rare, because I had experienced this before, seeing small businesses that I loved and enjoyed close their doors. A health-food Mexican food restaurant here in town. A bagel shop. An art gallery specializing in Western art and landscapes.


Don’t you hate seeing a local business close because they can’t make ends meet?

Why Local Businesses Fail

And the deal is this… usually, it’s because they don’t know how to market their goods and services. For example, I know a lot of musicians. Many are brilliant and talented, and they create the most beautiful music. But most of those do not know how to market, so they struggle endlessly with trying to make a living doing what they love.

And the same for a barbershop, a petstore, a bookkeeping service, a tarot-card reader, an expresso cart, or a small botique.

As someone who has been doing marketing for small local businesses — my own and others’ — for 40 years I really don’t like to just sit back and let this happen.

So I’ve created a free report called “Nine Free Ways to Get New Customers.”

I’d like to give you a copy. And I invite you to share it with your friends, send it to relatives who run small businesses in other towns, and in general get it into the hands of small businesses who need it.

Although the online world is remarkably similar to the physical universe in the principles of marketing, the way you apply them is quite different and most local business owners never figure this out, because it’s not so obvious, and it has a long learning curve.

Please download the following special report, and also share the link to this article with your friends on Facebook, twitter, and any e-mail list that you have.(If you don’t have an e-mail list, buy my book “Marketing Online, Clear and Simple” on Amazon today, and learn why you should have an e-mail list. In the meantime…

Download your special report here. Right-Click and Save to Your Computer —

Nine Free Ways to Get New Customers


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