How to Market Online on One Page

My new WebNova.Net Affordable Website service is online as of today. There seemed to be a crying need for a quick-and-easy website service, for the large number of business folk who know they need a website, but just don’t have the time to follow the step-by-step in my book, and who don’t have the resources to engage me for a full-blown marketing design for their business.

Since so many customers do a search of local business before visiting or calling — and this trend is accelerating with the growth of smartphones — it’s become *essential* to have a location online. Even if it consists of nothing more than What You Offer, some prices or a FAQ, and contact information, you *must* be there, because to the searchers, if they can’t find you … you just don’t exist.

The Affordable Websites service is something I worked out that will do just that.

Get a Website for $99, 3-Day Turnaround

It’s just that simple. Check out WebNova Affordable Websites, and share it with your friends.

And, for those people who need a simple solution like this, I also created a simple one-page summary that describes what works today in online marketing.

Read it here:

Marketing Online on One Page


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