How to Build a Website – Part Two

The CORRECT Sequence: How to Get the Life you Actually Want

Please. Do NOT just jump automatically into building a website. Think first.

When you think about your business, you should always consider your LIFE first, and picture completely the exact life you want to have. (Otherwise you may create a business which interferes with the life you want!)

When that is clear, next you want to completely describe your business, in the fullness of time, which will give you exactly that life. You describe this business completely. (For example, if you don’t like to travel, don’t describe a business requiring travel.)

Once you’ve completely defined this business, we’re in good position to consider your overall marketing plan, your target customer, and what content to put on the website. (That, is assuming that a website fits with your business; it often does, but not in every single case. I have a friend who raises hay on his land and sells it every year. He sells all he grows. He doesn’t need a website!)

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