How to Build a Website — Part Three

Much More than Just a Website

One thing different about working with CopyDragon webwriters is that we will cover the above methods, so that you wind up with much more than a website, and the website you have is then intelligently designed to advance your business, and help give you the life that you want.

And once we’ve done the above things, it’s fairly easy to create a website with a look, and with content, that your customers will automatically like! They won’t know why, but they’ll like it!

Three-Part Power-Marketing on the Internet

Overall, in most cases, a complete and powerful internet marketing campaign has these three parts —

  1. 1) You create a website that automatically appeals to your customer. This is “your corner of the internet” and gives you a place to operate. It’s like renting a store if you’re going to sell hardware. You need a place where you can offer your products and services. In this case, it’s on the internet, on your website.
  2. At some later time, you are wise to add Email Capture and follow up marketing.This is the most powerful method of getting more sales available today on the internet. It’s simply because a person who sees your website once and goes away has low odds of buying. But we know (from the Direct Marketing Association of New York) that the average customer buys after 7 to 9 “touches.” Getting the visitor’s agreement that you can send email, and sending 9 to 20 automatic follow-up emails which provide helpful things is a simple way to keep that person thinking about you — and thinking more and more highly of you — and after 7 to 9 of these communications, lots more people buy. And … once set up, the system is completely automatic.
  3. For this to work, you must have “traffic,” which means people coming to your website. There are two ways to get traffic, and many people don’t consider this carefully. The first method is:  Make Google know what you are about so that when people search for you, Google sends them to your site.  The second method is:  You don’t have to wait for Google, because *you* can send people to your website, in a hundred different ways. We’ll go over how these two methods work.

So the first, and most important step, if you want to use the power of the internet to boost your business, is to get yourself a website that works well, that appeals to your target customer. This step has to be done first, for everything else to happen, and so it’s the most important step, to be done as soon as possible. (After thinking about your life and business, of course.)

CopyDragon versus Web-Designers

Generally, a web designer would make a custom site for $3000-$5000, but using WordPress and the methods I’ve developed over many years, working with you we can create your site for $1100-$1700, and this website will work much better than the web-designer’s site and so will actually help your business grow, because we will build it smart, and as an integrated, powerful part of your overall marketing plan.

If you want to see more of the site we’ve built, visit the Work Samples page.

Remember, if you want to build your own site, you can. If you want to enlist a techy friend, you can. If you want to hire a web-designer, you can. And these three paths will give you a website. Absolutely a website.

But, if you want a website that actually helps your business, helps to bring you income, helps to give you the life you want to have, then contact CopyDragon webwriters. We’ve helped others. We can help you.

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