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Mt. Shasta, California, August 5, 2009: The Siskiyou Newspaper Group (Mt. Shasta Herald, Weed Times, and Dunsmuir, California editions) reported on our own Arthur Cronos public workshop about Ecommerce for local business …

[from the article]
Internet marketing is the wave of the future, according to Weed small business owner and e-commerce specialist Arthur Cronos.

“If you’re business is not capitalizing on effective internet marketing, you could be losing a ton of possible revenue,” noted Cronos, who recently led a day-long workshop intended to help local business owners develop their web presence.

Gathering to glean some of Cronos’s pearls of wisdom was a group of local entrepreneurs looking to infuse new energy into their businesses. The answer, as far Cronos is concerned, lies on the web.

In a lively and engaging presentation, Cronos stressed the importance of incorporating the internet as a marketing tool for all businesses, even ones that appear to be unlikely candidates. He noted that 12,000 new buyers are discovering the internet on any given day.

How does the business owner effectively target his or her customers?

How does that person build a database of clients and maximize their return on their advertising investment?

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