Do Americans Shop Online?

Do Americans shop online?

Is a bear Catholic? Does the Pope visit in the woods?

Of course they do!

They learn from search results, user reviews, ratings, text ads, image ads, news headlines, forums, videos and even good old-fashioned official brand websites.

It’s All about the “Conversation”

They learn and decide in what Google now calls “the Zero Moment of Truth,” that moment when a potential customer is first exposed to marketing and research information about the products and services that *you* want to sell.

One way to dominate this moment (or the conversation) is to take as many places as you can on the front page of Google, Bing and Yahoo, because a single listing usually doesn’t cut it. and certainly just having your business name high on Google is often valueless, because all too  often NONE of your non-customers go searching for your business name, because they’ve never heard of you.

What Works?

Something approaching total domination would work pretty good.

That is to say, getting your “natural” listing on Google, video, Google Places, reviews, social media and directory listings all over the place. That is, an ongoing ‘conversation’ going on about your product or service and you control it.

Whoever is getting ‘talked’ about the most (positively) usually sells the most!

That’s why Amazon outsells Borders, and Borders outsells Henry’s bookstore in Des Moines.

Did you know that 83% of mothers reveal that they see television commercials and then they research online for things that interest them? (So here’s the bottom line: Are you on page one of the major search engines?)

Want to OWN The Conversation?

The fact is, for any business — local business, nationwide business, online business — the most powerful way to get more customers and increase your income is by simply “owning the conversation” in your area.

Want to?

Call me for a free 15-minute Discovery Session to see how CopyDragon webwriters might be able to help you to conquer the world.


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