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This simple 17-lesson email briefing course quickly reveals the simple way to move your marketing to the next level … online and offline. From CopyDragon webwriters, the same method we use to take our clients to the top of Google and turbo-charge their sales, online and offline.

Now even local businesses can get ahead faster, because marketing online has finally been made simple.

Because the actual basics of what works are simple, once you’ve finally waded through the ocean of blather that clutters the internet with conflicting claims and get-rich-quick schemes.

CopyDragon webwriters has done the wading — and the testing — to separate the “real thing”, and we want to share these essential principles with you.

Finally — Here are the Answers!

Stripping it down to the 20% that does 80% of the work, we’ve created a simple, easy to follow, email briefing series (along with special reports, and how-to videos) that you can quickly understand and use. This email briefing series is called “What Works? How to Sell Online, Plain and Simple.”

  • Why you MUST operate in TWO universes, if you want to avoid cutting your cashflow to a tiny trickle..
  • Revealing our proprietary “Three-Step Marketing” formula to boost income fast, online and offline..
  • Why building traffic to your site can be a complete waste of time, unless you do this other step first!.
  • How to turn a one-time website visitor into a repeat visitor … and a looky-loo into a buyer..
  • The easy way to make Google happy, from the very first day you create your website..
  • How to build your website to automatically and immediately appeal to your customer, so they just can’t help themselves!

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If we sold this as a course, it would be a superb value at $50, $80, or even $100.

But it’s yours for free, the briefings, the special reports, and the howto videos. It’s our way to give back, for the success we’ve enjoyed in taking our clients to the top.

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