Arthur Cronos

Author and therapist Arthur Cronos is a certified hypnotherapist and a certified Tantra Yoga Educator, who specializes in fast clearing of emotional baggage and current-time upsets.

Over a long life, he’s run businesses, online and on the street, and one of his early San Fransisco companies is described in the first two famous “Guerrilla Marketing” books. He’s been a private investigator, featured speaker at trade conventions, and traveled in Europe and China.

Now living on a the slope of a volcano in Northern California near the Oregon border, he  builds unusual guitars played by touch — it’s like playing bass and guitar at the same time — and on YouTube you can see musicians all over the world creating music on his instruments.

Cronos is well-known as a commercial writer (“CopyDragon webwriters”) and over forty years has created thousands of successful projects both online and in the real-world, including advertising, websites, user-guides, employee manuals, sales scripts, and automatic online selling systems.

He’s written a half-dozen books, and hundreds of stories and articles about mind and romance. He’s a damn good cook, and enjoys long walks on the beach.

His latest book shows anyone, even a shy person, how they can find love, and how they can be *drowning* in dates within two to five weeks.


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