A Great “Zero Moment” Video …

Jim Lecinski is the managing director for Google’s U.S. Sales and Service.

Check out his persuasive video about the “Zero Moment of Truth,” here —

Now, quite possibly you may wonder how this might affect your business. Or maybe you’re stumped about what you can do as a practical matter to take advantage of this idea. After all your business is your business. You’re not in the marketing online business.

Two Ways I Can Help

  1. Get my new book, “Marketing Online, Clear and Simple, for Local Business.” It’s already on Amazon as a Kindle Edition, and Barnes & Noble as a Nook e-reader book. It will appear as a print title on Amazon soon, and you can get it online as a pdf at my “book site” at http://marketingonlineclearandsimple.com. With the book come a complete series of detailed “how-to” videos which will lead you through the essential steps, click by click.
  2. Call me for a free 15-minute Discovery Session, to see whether CopyDragon Webwriters might be able to provide a complete “done for you” service. You see, my business *is* online marketing. My musical instruments sell around the world, through internet marketing, for example, and I’ve helped dozens of clients to get on the cyberspace fast track.

Those Rascally Customers of Yours

When someone hears about your product or your service, as you darn well know, often their very first reaction is ‘Let me search online for it’. Fact.

It’s simply the way people live and learn and make buying decisions today. They use review sites, read online copy, hear referrals from Facebook friends, and more. It’s what they do at home, in the office, and on their cell phones too.

Lots of times they want to see a video. Seeing is believing. So it behooves you to *be seen.*

Don’t know how? Nope?

No problem. I know how.

Get the Book, or Call me …

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